👉 Intro

Hey folks. Wild as it may seem, we here at Gone Fishing Studio are just past our 1 year Anniversary.

Continuing in the tradition of Gardener NYC and Sanctuary Computer, two studios we count as influences, mentors, and friends, we wanted to create another small beacon of light and transparency in the dark waters of running a creative studio (another special shout out here to Self Aware Studio for their recent release of “Every Project Self Aware’s Ever Charged For”).

We can candidly say that we wouldn’t be in this position if not for their open and magnanimous attitudes, and our hope in writing this is to pay that spirit forward and bring another small drop of transparency to the space.

🎣 What does Gone Fishing Studio Do?

An initial challenge for us was communicating the answer to the question “What does Gone Fishing Studio do?”.

While we spent years of our career working on wild web and native experiences across the spectrum, we decided early on when starting Gone Fishing that we would get hyper-specific in our offerings to potential clients.

As a small studio, we wanted to focus on our technical strengths, our eye for design and interaction, and the most cutting edge tools (for now these are Next.js, Sanity.io, and Netlify but always subject to change) to bring accessible, performant, design-forward web experiences to life.

In practical terms, this shakes out to mean that we focus on building:

that push technical boundaries and captivate users with rich experiences.

We also help out on either end of a full-site build, whether that comes in the form of:

🧮 Some Numbers

Here are a few rough stats about how the year broke down for us:

🤝 Leads